Holiday Scams and Prevention Tips

Click here for a list of charities eligible for tax exempt status by the IRS.
Click here to see how charities will use your donation.
Click here to check a business with the Better Business Bureau.

Year-End Tax Moves to Save in 2017:

1. Donate to charities

2. Max out your retirement contributions
3. Review your FSA account
4. Home Tax Breaks
5. Pay College Costs Early
  • Click here for more information on the American Opportunity Tax Credit

budget worksheet

Vacation Worksheet

Click here for a vacation budget worksheet

Preventing Identify Theft

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Click here for a list of documents to shred

Midyear Review of Your Finances

1. Look at Your Budget

Click here for a holiday budget worksheet
2. Review Your Retirement Accounts
3. Check Your Emergency Fund
4. Deal with Debt
Get your free credit report-
5. Plan for Taxes